When it comes to insomnia treatment, the first thing most people think of is sleeping pills. However, while sleeping pills may offer short term relief from insomnia, they’re also often prescribed too quickly, to people who have deeper, underlying causes for their insomnia, and they may not be the most effective insomnia treatment for everyone.
Let’s consider, however, why CBT, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, may be a better treatment for insomnia for you.
CBT Treats the Underlying Cause
The main reason why CBT is often a more effective insomnia treatment is that, unlike sleeping pills, it treats the root cause of the problem.
Unless you can pinpoint a very specific event or cause for your insomnia, and it’s something that has a finite end date (for example, you’re worried about an exam) then sleeping pills as an insomnia treatment won’t make a diference.
As soon as you stop sleeping pills, if the root cause of the insomnia is still there, you’ll go right back to having sleepless nights.
On the other hand, when you visit a therapist for CBT as insomnia treatment, you’re far more likely to get to the underlying cause, and once that’s being treated, or managed, you’re much more likely to have better quality sleep for years to come.
CBT Teaches You How to Fall Asleep
Often, the trouble with insomnia treatment is that it’s all about the symptom – not being able to sleep. A big part of CBT as an insomnia treatment is also about teaching people how to fall asleep.
There are several proven, well known methods of promoting sleep, but with our busy lives these days, most of us don’t bother to practice good sleep regimes. That means that we don’t even know how to fall asleep!
During CBT as insomnia treatment sessions, therapists will usually not only examine the problem that is causing you not to sleep,  but also teach you tricks – like not working, watching TV or exercising for a few hours before bed, to allow your brain to slow down to the right wave pattern for sleep!
Where Can You Get CBT As a Treatment for Insomnia?
Your first stop, if you are considering CBT as insomnia treatment should be your GP. He or she can rule out any other medical causes for your insomnia, and give you a referral to a sleep clinic or therapist who specialises in sleep disorders.
Once you’ve been referred to a sleep clinic or a therapist, he, she, or the doctor assigned to your case will probably want to assess your sleep problems, and from there, will formulate an appropriate insomnia treatment for your unique case.
The one thing that is a constant, in nearly every case of insomnia, is that CBT and other forms of alternative treatment have a better long term result than sleeping tablets, or any of the chemical treatments used for insomnia treatment. So decide whether you want long term results or a quick fix, and act accordingly.
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